Our family

The Frittmann Winery is owned and managed by the two renowned winemakers, István and János. The family’s division of labour has the elder brother István look after the vineyard and supervise the bottling plant and logistics. János is responsible for the winery, trade and marketing. The two brothers discuss all key issues and involve their sons, also qualified winemakers, in the decision-making process.

With their qualification János and István Frittmann have an intimate knowledge of fermentation technology but they primarily consider themselves as grape and wine growers. They both graduated from Toldi Miklós Vocational Secondary School of Food Industry in Nagykőrös. As their parents and grandparents had dealt with grapes and wine full time, the two brothers learnt all the nuts and bolts of the grape and wine business in their childhood. János became a sole entrepreneur working on his parent’s vineyard in 1982, to team up with his brother István in 1987, initially both as sole entrepreneurs, then establishing a limited liability company in 1998. Since then the whole family has been engaged in the grape and wine business.

Frittmann János és Frittmann István
Frittmann Istvánné Márti és Frittmann Jánosné Ella

Ella, the wife of János, and Márti, the wife of István, run the winery’s catering, marketing and office business. Both are active in areas that require the most skilful hands and attention.
They work hard in festivals, off-premises events, home wine demos and professional meetings.
Tamás, the son of János and Ella, a Grape and Wine Growing graduate of Corvinus University, works in the family business as a winemaker. He is responsible for supervising and coordinating work in the winery and the wine cellar, and running the Frittmann Shop. In addition, he liaises with partners and is partly in charge of trade.
Péter, the son of István and Márti, also graduated in Grape and Wine Growing from Corvinus University and works in the company as a wine maker and project manager and is an active member of Junibor. He is responsible for performing all works related to product development and for integrating them in the existing systems, coordinating the organisation’s operation and developing an inner operative manufacturing technology system. The two young men share the duties of making wines, purchasing raw materials, scheduling deliveries and coordinating them with production, as well as helping with wine tastings.

Frittmann Tamás
Frittmann Péter

A key component of the family experience is the presence of a family member each time a visitor enters the winery’s yard in Eötvös utca. The two branches of the family inhabit this ancestral estate in symbiosis with the winery business. Despite the innumerable duties, there is always someone alongside staff members to receive, inform, and host visitors and to offer them some wine. Built on a plot that would be enough for multiple houses, the economically designed headquarters include well-separated residential and industrial units yet you have the feeling that all members of the family do their best for the common success.


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